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We Have Lived Here Since the World Began

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HIS263YWe Have Lived Here Since the World Began Thursday
September 16th 2010
Notion that European society was the ultimate evolution whereas the indigenous
peoples were not progressed and unchanging
Major Themes
1.The Lay of the Land
Population c. 1500
Americas as a whole: 100m
Northern North America: 500,000 - 2,000,000
Aboriginal societies, like European, had creation myths, giving them a sense of
meaning, purpose, and communal coherence
50,000-10,000 years ago: Asiatic humans arrived in North America via Beringia
Within this group of people, there were at least 50 different linguistic groups
The greatest population of people were concentrated along the Atlantic coast due to
high fishing yields
Original Settlement
Land that connected Russia and Alaska 50,000 years ago, permitting the
Asiatic people to migrate to the Americas
Bering Strait
Pre-Contact Era
Tremendous change occurs in North America before the arrival of Europeans
After the Ice Age, environmental changes rocked the continent, changing
agricultural, social, and economical norms
Tundra took over
Fishing became common
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