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15 Feb 2011

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Lecture 7 2/1/11 World War I: The Soldiers War
War Begins
oAssassination of Franz Ferdinand by Serbian Black Hands system of alliances
oGermany invaded Belgium, Britain declared war to help protect Belgium
oAutomatically, Canada is also in war
Signing Up
oMilitia of 60,000 in 1914, permanent force of 3,000
oBut by the end of the war, over 600,000 Canadians serve in Canadian expeditionary
force (troops that were sent to Europe)
oImmediately at volunteers of 30,000 at beginning of war. About 2/3 were British born
oSlowly, a more organized recruitment system emerges recruitment establishment
oBurden of recruitment tended to be at the local level
oGovernment relied on decentralized recruiting system that existed in the community
offices and militia units
oWomens groups and church groups were encouraged to encourage men to go to war
oCommunity mobilization gets more intense after 1916 when volunteers start to dry
Across the Pond
oMobilization was fairly successful
oArthur Curries first Canadian commander of Canadian Corps (army created by
Canadian Expeditionary Force)
oThrough WWI: Served in CEF, ~620,000, served overseas ~420,000, Canadas
population, 8,000,000, Military age men, ~1,720,000
oWhy so much enthusiasm initially?
oNature of the conflict not a small war. A war in Europe where a threat to Europe
seemed large and clear
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