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15 Feb 2011
Lecture 8 2/3/11 World War I: The Home Front
Governments War
o Government moved into controlling unprecedented areas of Canadian life
oWar Measures Act controlled actions of enemy aliens had to make monthly
reports to police, or threatened with internment
oGovernment censored the Foreign Language Press
oEthnic groups who arrived in Laurier period, their newspapers were much more
oSeptember 1918 had to get newspapers approved before printing banned many
foreign organizations
oGovernment also moved to regulate economy
oBy 1916-17 government became more intrusive in economic life
o1917 first income tax
oJune 1917 Fuel & Food Controller regulate production, distribution, and
consumption of food and fuel
oCensorship and propaganda
War and Community
oWar is community mobilization
oMethodist Church mobilized in favor of the war with sermons, preaching about
biblical battles, etc.
oSchools interwove war into curriculum one Ottawa teacher made school musical
about Canada contributed to the Great War
o9 boys with wooden rifles represented the 9 provinces
oOne school teacher thought of every arithmetic problem solved, the student would
capture a German 30 points and get promoted to officer, etc.
oWomen worked to promote the war Red Cross, IODE (International Order of
Daughters…) collect massive amount of clothing, food, made bandages, etc.
oMany new organizations were created during the war period
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