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the rebellion of 1837-8

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The Rebellions of 1837-8
Shaped by eternal developments. Placing Canadian history in a larger Atlantic
world. The essential ideas in its broadest form include: economies, societies and
political structures of all four continents that border on the Atlantic Ocean.
Not an obstacle or behaviour that separates each continent, but advocate it as a
highway that crisscross using different networks.
Ideas: abstractions that are not tangible. These are influential. For example:
revolutionary. Ideas that demand and call for dramatic change (political,
economic, or cultural). As a result, certain people are infuriated, while others are
inspired. They in part, help give rise an age of Revolutions, which take place
during the late 1800’s- early 1900’s
I. The Lower Canadian Rebellion)
Atmosphere of conflict (See previous lecture beginning and Patriotes and continue to
Doric Club)
The Rebellion
Sir John Colborne (governor)
Dispatched from Upper Canada to Lower Canada
Becomes chief military figure in LC
Objective is to suppress radicalism led by Papineu
Call to arrest of the leaders of patriotes movement
Papineau escapes arrest and moves to Americas as a refuge
The momentum couldn’t at this point be spot (revolutionary movement cannot be
Clashes break out in 1837: ordinary citizens vs. British soldiers (world super
power). Nevertheless these never trained soldiers win the battle against these
soldiers in St. Denis.
The British are too numerous, well trained and well quipped to continue to lose.
They go one to win victories at St. Charles and St. Eustache. These victories bring
to an end the first stage of Lower Canadian rebellion
The response by Colbert is to suppress lower Canadian radicalism. So, after
winning victories, these soldiers go to the fields of farmers and burn them for
having sympathized or participated in the violent uprising. Unsurprisingly,
Colbert receives a bad reputation.
Patriots congregate and assemble south of British North American border and
plan invasions of Lower Canada (do not give up on their objective). The want to
severe their ties with Britain. They plant, and launch a series of invasions along
the border in 1838. The British defeat the patriots decisively. Ultimately 850 are
arrested and 12 leaders (not Papineu) are hanged, and approx 250 casualties
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