HIS263Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Local Exchange Trading System, Collective Security, Joseph Howe

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6 Apr 2012

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Making the Dominion
Writing a Constitution
The representatives came together to draft a constitutions
72 Resolutions they wrote in Quebec to make framework for a constitution they sent to
Asking for a government with divided powers
Want to have provincial governments with responsibilities for local matters
o Legislative Union and give specific powers to provinces
o Small provincial governments smallest and big government restricted powers
o How will have supreme authorities in the system?
o Wanted a British Parliamentary democracy and federalism doesn't occur in the UK -
no provinces - new level of government - closest example is the US
o Within the Great Coalition - Macdonald Cartier and Brown each had a different
opinion on the division of powers
Macdonald = Legislative Union with Central Government
Brown = wanted both strong Central and Provincial Governments
Cartier = wanted a strong Federal influence but didn’t want Quebec to suffer
o Confederation is not actually clear to make everyone think they got what they
o 72 Resolutions pretty much become the BNA
Division of Powers
Section 91 - Federal
Section 92 - Provincial
Conflict between Federal and Provincial
Macdonald thought Feds got more power
Cartier thought Provincials got enough power
Opposing & Accepting Confederation
Prince Edward Island
o Concerned, had provincial debt, and land disputes most people tenant farmers
Charles Tupper (NS)
o Politicians supported confed, but the people opposed it
o Tupper was Premier and waited it out
o 72 Resolutions go through the government and gets passed
Albert Smith (NB) - anti
o 1865 election is elected an anti-group
o Lieutenant says England wants it
o Smith's government will fall because didn't function together
L.G. Arthur Gordon (NB)
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