lecture note - world war two in ottawa

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1 Mar 2011

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HIS263 Mar 1
World War II: Ottawas War
Canada enters the war
Canada declares war on Germany in September 1939
King had to balance four kinds of forces within the country
Many French Canadians were reluctant to get involved in the war
The North Atlantic triangle
Canada was one of the point in a triangle involving the United States and Great
Canada is in between the other two nations
The war for Canada can be divided into 2 phases: before and after December 1941
Phase 1, Germany had conquered western Europe
Britain seemed destined to be invaded
The united states had not yet entered the war
Canada is one of Britains key allies
It offers two kinds of support to Britain: economic and military
Canada slowly begins to build a military machine
60, 000 Canadians enlist by the end of December 1939
Canada also joins Britain in some military initiatives
One of them is the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
This is directed on behalf of the Dominion by the Royal Canadian Air Force
Commonwealth pilots were trained in Canada
King was afraid that this would say to France Canadians that Canada was Britains
Initially, King disputes with Britain over the cost and control of the plan
Britain assumes control for the commonwealth war effort
Canada largely agrees with this notion, although Canadian officers generally lead
Canadian units
Canada also loans and gives Britain more that 3 billion dollars
Canada is brought closer to Britain in some ways but both economic and military
questions also draw Canada closer to the United States
Early in the war, King realizes that Canada needs a very close relationship with the
United States
Canada makes military cooperation and economic cooperation agreements
In December of1940, King and Roosevelt meet in Ogdensburg, New York to sign the
Ogdensburg Agreements
It creates the permanent joint board of defence and becomes the umbrella for a
discussion over a common defence strategy for the North American continent
The first agreement, Canada saw that the Canadian army would go under
American control, if Britain collapses
A second plan was signed in 1941, and it had to do with what would happen if the
United States came into the war
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