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Published on 12 Apr 2012
Lecture 34 Post war upheaval
1:22 PM
1. Influenza , 1918
o Spanish flu breaks out
o Quarantine - ordered to be quarantined, ordered theatres to be closed and other thinks
o Citizens mobilised to offer aid
o Ontario Emergency Volunteer Health Auxiliary - through provincial board of health - which
mobilises amateur nurses called sisters of Service who are given a small amount of training
and go out to take care of people who have no one to take care of them
o It was usually done by upper or middle class women
o For some women it was the first time they crossed social boundaries
o So medicine with frontiers
o There is tension between general and social experience
o There are social groups mobilising their own volunteer effort
o They provide food
o The Jewish provide their own effort called the Jewish Aid Committee (Winnipeg) points to
need of respectable community, nurses with children should join
o By 1919 influenza has passed out by Canada
2. Winnipeg general strike and beyond
o May 15, 1919 20 thousand workers walked out of their workplaces - of all kinds of workers
at the same time
o Cause was dispute between two unions of metal workers and builders
o Wanted better wages and union recognition
o Demand for wages was for the unprecedented rise of living in Canada - things went up 15 %
o In 1919 unions were legal, negotiations only allowed after 1940
o Two unions go to the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council who ask for help for better wages
and union recognition
o Its members voted to go on a sympathy strike - they leave their jobs so other unions go on
o This shuts the city down - there is no railway work factories or mail going on, restaurants are
closed and police officers and fire departments join the strike
o General strike is representative of all the strikes going on in the country
Applying idea of keiserism in every day life
Elites are nervous since it is not a good time in the world since there is chaos going on in the
o So trades and labour council sets up CENTRAL STRIKE COMMITEE and it brings out central
services to the community
o the mayor and coordinators organised anti strike - they engaged in propaganda efforts -
said they will be exported into Russia, they also organised demonstrations by veterans, they
also back up this propaganda with force, federal government amends the deportation acts
to deport British subject leaders, they also broaden code of sedition and arrest ten leaders
of the strike committee which 7 are guilty to overthrow the government
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