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Published on 14 Apr 2012
Lecture 10 Loyal they remained: the American revolution and
British north America
1:12 PM
1. Quebec, Invaded
1. rebellion brewing
o After the fall of Quebec and Paris , Britain needed money so increased tax money in colonies
such as the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, anything printed taxed, the colonial tax, this happens
1764 - 65
o By 1765 the sons of liberty forms go harassing tax collectors
o 1760 British troops fire into mod of protestors and mob is killed
o The Boston tea party with Americans who call themselves patriots dress as Mohawks and
dump tea on side of Boston's Harbour
o The Boston harbour suspended and military rule put in
o The American militia starts to form and in 1775 start fire with Britain
o And in the spring of 1775 there is a gathering of colonial leaders who believe they are going
to invade Quebec and the British
2. Quebec in question
o If they don't take Quebec the Britain's are going to bring troops there
o Belief that the French Canadians might throw off their oppressors
o 1774 pamphlets sent out with revolutionary language to throw off the British form the
o Britain at this time was vulnerable since most troops were in Boston so Carlton only had 600
o Quebec under siege in 75 - 76 under American colonial militia that does not last
o In the spring of may ten thousand troops arrive and the American militia were gone
3. Divided loyalties
o The Habitants were trying to stay neutral in this and both sides were English speaking
o The six nations confederacy was witnessing these troops walk by, the Mohawk and the
Seneca they decide to fight for the British the inida and taskawata choose Americans and the
Chippewa choose to be neutral
o The nations within the confederacy had to choose sides in the conflict
4. Carlton's failure
o Did not go beyond lake Champlain to push the colonial , militia
o And some say that if he went further the war could have been averted
o So the British loose this war
2. Defeat of the British
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