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17 Apr 2012
March 13th, 2012
Cold War Canada
cold war, breif history
most people new what it was
overarchign concern, idea of cold war, was a term applied to relations with capitalist
democratic countires of north america and western europe and communist countriest of
eastern europe and asia
liberal capitalist democracies fo west led by united states, competed gobally with communist
states led by soviet union or ussr, amalgum or federation led by russia
people talked about soviet union but clear that russia leading force in ussr
china also a leading force, competed globally for resources, trade, political allies, ideological
supremacy, both trying to aprove the superiority of ideological system
between 1945-48 imposed communist dominated governments, mainly in eastern europe and
what used to be east germany
in a seperate event local communists took over china in 1949 and as they evens occured, west
forge alliances to oppose emerging communist block, both sides argue that the other is bent on
world domination, for our purposes united states undisputed leader, laid out ideas for cold war
policy in late1940s
united states asrgued for mobilization for all will and resources against communist threat
since both side nuclear, and had explosives, the results of direct confreotnation between soviet
and US wants direct confrtonation
ideological confrontation, and fought by proxy, both us and ussr poored resources into local
conflicts and regional struggles to serve as a proxy for bigger global events
civil wars in korea and vietnam become reasons for intervention
idea of credibility, if west backs down on small issues, or US backs down on korea, no
credibility or threat to global communists
local small events very important
idea of deterence
both sides aimed to keep up with weapons and the arms race, both sides ratch up
technological advancements
think of cold war as total mobilization—strategic, ideological, totally involved in the event
canada buys into basic impulses fo cold war
agree these ideas ideologically, battle between liberal ideas, political freedom, and communist
state that wanted to control speech, citizens and economy, canada agrees ideologically with
draw on preWWII, idea of giving into hitler, give into agressors was discredited by wwII
growing us power becoems a cause and consequence for increasing us global dominance
canada moves unambiguously into american sphere of influence, decline fo british empire rise
of american empire
canada's cold war consensus
enthusiastic cold warriors
pride, in being part of global fight against communism
shared key tenants of cold war ideology
didnt understand global knowledge of global war, no celar knowledge of events, but comitted
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