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dec 7

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HIS 263 December 7
Major Themes
1.Expanding the dominion
a.The ideal is an abstraction, 1870s comes to reality
b.Pacific coast; atlantic region
2.Party politics
a.Party system; pacific scandal; national policy
3.Northwest rebellion
a.The fate of Louis Riel
4.Sea otters, warm high prices on international markets , history shaped by
economical circumstances
5.Prevent American illegally, convince hudsons bay company establish a colony in the
a.Establishing of Vancouver island
b.10 years later, deposits of gold valley of the Fraser river
c.Thousands Americans flood north into British territory
i. In response, second colony, British Columbia
ii.No responsible government a lot Hudson bay company james douglas
iii.12k non natives twice as many natives
d.Austrailia new Zealand south Africa, Canada British colonies, little Britain
e.Attempts to emulate Britian, replication of parliaments obey the rules british
f. Legal authority of Britian and cultural level
i.Like parliament
g.Victoiran standards in artitecture
6.Colonies of domination
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a.Carribean, india
b.Natives of the regions are dominated by the power and authority of the
c.British Columbia on each foot, gradually institute
d.Other hand larger native population is dominated more similar to India
7.Gold rush comes to end in mid 1860
a.Economies collapse verge of economic catastrophe
b.Limit costs British merge two colonies
c.Cheaper administration fees
d.One entity known as BC capital of Victoria
8.Face 3 options BC
a.Potentially join the US links of family, trade
b. Continue existing automous British colony
i.Logic, substantial non native is from British birth
c. Joining up with Canada, not much of rationale
i.Small Canadian population in favour of confederation
9.Biggest factor is british support for BC for conferation
a.Appeal of the corn laws 1846
b.Source of anxiety of british close trade links concerned bout free trade
10.Expanding the dominion
a.The pacific coast
i.James cook
ii.Vancouver island, BC
b.The atlantic region
i.Newfoundland rejects confederation
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