HIS263Y1 Lecture Notes - Special Branch, Pierre Trudeau, Nato

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Cold War Canada
1.The cold war: brief history
a.Soviet Union (USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
i.Competed globally led by soviet union and china
ii.Resources, trade, political allies, ideological supremacy
iii.1945, 48, dominated governments in eastern Europe
iv.Local communist emergences in China in 1949
i.Both sides argue other was bent on world domination
ii.U.S was biggest capitalist
iii.1940s what cold war , its approach
iv.Mobilization of all will and all resources global communist threat
v.Both sides were nuclear, by 1949, direct conflict western and
communist powers would be catastrophic
vi. Ideological competition, local and regional structures
i.U.S credibility was important
ii. If backed out in local struggles, loose credibility in large global
iii.Small struggles, suggest weakness
i.Both sides aimed to keep up technological advances and number of
nuclear weapons
ii.Bombers, missiles, atom, nuclear
iii.Balance of power military
e.Arms race
i.Canada, enthusiastic cold warrior
ii.Canadians, agree ideologically with U.S
iii.Battle for liberal ideas, free markets
iv.Experience of 1930s, belief appeasement, had failed, cant repeat that
with soviet union has to stand up
2.Canadas cold war consensus
a.Growing u.s power was a cause and consequence
b.Beliefs unite most Canadians of fighting the cold war
c. Igor gouzenko
i.Fall of 1945, clerk embasy, of soviet in Ottawa, defects, doesnt want
to go back to U.S.S.R
ii.Soviet spy network in Canada, telling Canada
iii.Little effect globally,
iv.Help create institutional structure of Canadas cold war
v.Public in 1946
vi.Canadian red scare of shorts
1.Fear of communist penetration
vii.Mackenzie king royal commission, wide powers to summon, hold,
interrogate suspects
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