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1.Permanent Force (3,000 in 1914)
2.Militia (60,000 in 1914)
3.Recruitment establishment
a.Official government level
i.Used propaganda
ii.Dont show the face, everyman
iv.Women of Canada to shame men
1.Mothers who are not encouraging sons to go
b.Burden of recruiting local level
c.Shifts, federal government of desensitized to draw men in local communities
d.Form of community mobilization
e.Local militia units
f. Members of the class
g.Few class integrated, working class and middle class meet each other
h.Religious groups
i. Important later part of the war, recruitment dries up
j.Spoken word communication
i.Priests, peer pressure, government speeches
Across the pond
4.Canadian corps
5.Arthur Currie
7.1916 recruitments are declining
8.1 million served, regular and reserves
a.8 million population, 1.7 million can serve
9.Debating draft
10.Nature of the conflict
a.Not minor war
b.Not like Boar war
c.War in Europe, clear threat to Canadians
d. Ideological
i.War for higher purpose
ii.Good and evil, right and wrong, democracy, tyranny
1.Kaiserism, leader of Germany
e.Some were naïve scale of the war
i.Be over by Christmas
ii.Thought they wouldnt get to battle before it ended
f. Romance of war, excitement of the moment
a.Success recruitment machine,
i.Refracted through ethnic, cultural race
ii.Half were born in Canada
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