HIS 263 Feb. 3 2011
1.The governments war
a.Unprecedented control of public:
b.War measures act
i.At war time:
ii.Regulate economy
1.Early war, hands off
2.1916, 1917 first income tax
3.Never went away
iii.Control political expression
iv.Control activities of enemy aliens
1.From Germany etc
2.Register to police
3.Monthly reports could be put In prison camps
v.Foreign language press censorship
vi.Places lots of foreign workers banned in 1918 unions
c.Wartime elections act
d.Fuel controller
i.Power officials production, distribution and consumption on both
ii.More concerned of coal and others
iii.Most economic relied on persuasion
iv.Government efforts mobilize against the war
e.Food controller
2.War and community
a.Propaganda is community bottom up
i. Ie. Churches mobilize favor of the war
ii.Preaching bible battles
iii.Schools like a music play role in the great war
b.Arithmetic war
i.War by math, count how many germans example
c.Red cross
d.Vacant lot garden clubs
i.Clubs made by women
ii.Produce food to eating in Canada
iii.Create local food other sources of food can be sent
e.Unsavory forms of community mobilization
f. Anti German, controlling enemy aliens not enough
ii.Often began to be organized
iii.Anti german league
iv.Some German city government were fired
v.Berlin changed to Kitchener
vi.Dusseldorf/Freedom, Alberta
g.Germans before the war they were desirable
h.Easy to assimilate, ready made citizens
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