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feb 17

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HIS 263 Feb. 17, 2011
September 1939
1.Adolf Hitler
2.William Lyon Mackenzie
3.Canada declared war one week after Britain
4.Sense of power in the place of the empire
5. Instructional complex, debate and negotiation
6.Key cleavage between English Canada and French Canada
7.Canada and the empire
a.Robert borden
b.External affairs
i.Loring Christie advisor
ii.Unified imperial foreign policy was possible
c.Coordinate autonomy
d.1914-1916 little success
e.More troops for more say, power
8. Imperial war cabinet, 1917
9.Resolution 9 of the imperial war conference, 1919
10.Treaty of Versailles, 1919
11.League of nations founded 1919
12.Pacific halibut treaty, 1923
a.Fish treaty, britian let Canada, at the end co sign treaty
b. Insisted Canada sign it alone
c.Britian angry but said yes
13.Canada begins to get automous role on its own foreign role policy
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