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Jan 13

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

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HIS 263 Jan. 13
Migration in Canadian history
1.Key concepts
a. Immigration
c.Net migration
i.Difference between immigration and emigration
d. Internal migration
i.Number of people from province to province
ii.Series of steps generations
i.You come, your work and leave
f. Backdoor immigrants
i.Came to Canada, counted but intention was to go to U.S
g.Push and pull factors
i. In a place, pushed out, lack of jobs, religious reasons
ii.Pull attracted to somewhere else
2.Nation of emigrants
a.Fall river and Lowell, Massachusetts
b.Carroll D. Wright
i.Refers government officials Chinese of the east, racial terms lower
c.Canadians want to leave Canada more people are coming and leaving
d.A lot of people left and go to the United States
e.1900 one million Canadians lived in the U.S
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