HIS 263 Jan. 18
Farms, factories, bunkhouses
1. Immigrants and Canada during the boom years
a.Raises in 1911 not a lot but some foreign born
b.1871 large from Great Britain
c.1911 many more from Europe and U.S Great Britain still a lot
d.Europe much important
e.Many from Scandanvinia and germany, most perfered
f. Hungary, USSR, aka Russia Ukraine
g.Cultural desires and economic needs outweighs cultural concern
2.Economic boom
a.The farming frontier, wheat
b.The industrial frontier, transportation resources
c.Tied to global conditions
d. International events
e.Felt in Canada just like elsewhere
f. Expanding economy requires workers and farmers partly from immigration
g.Population growth and national prosperity
h.1901 all Canada 56 million bussells of wheat
i.1911 prairies one 200 million
j.Canada becomes world bread basket
k.Huge economic spin off
l.Ploughs, land agents, railways tools manufactured in Ontario
i.Binds the country together forms transnational economy
m.Also produces a huge human change 150k, 1.5 million many are foreign born
n.Not just a human, environmental one
o.West becomes a wheat ecology
p.Dominate plant in the area
q.Timing of this partly tied to changing of climate
r.Moisture and temperature hit a prime for wheat
s.Push people who are not ideal
t. Empire of dust,
u.Enthusiasm of wheat were can not be growable but still try
3.Urban development
a.Wage labour rather than land and agricultural opportunity
b.Transportation key economic boom
c.World War One 2 more close to completion
d.Lots of branch lines railways 3k in 1890 18k in 1913
e.Love immigrant labour British Columbia like mining coal
f. Ontario interest resource development
i.Open paper development new assault
ii.Minerals like nickel for northern Ontario
iii.Tied prairies trade east west and north south for pulp and paper
iv.Environmental factor re imagined agriculture reach Canadian shield
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