17 Mar 2011
HIS 263 Jan. 25
Canada and the British Empire in the age of Laurier
1. Institutions
i.Confederation did not create an independent Canada
ii.Unitied 3 colonies, Canada, nova scotia and new brunswich
iii.Didnt alter Canada and british empire
iv.British oversight continues
v.Queens representive of Canada in Canada appointed by the british
b.Governor general
c. Joint high commission 1870
d.Canadian interest, fish on the west coast
e.Treaties british government on behave of Canada
f. Foreign power no indepentant power to declare war on any country
g.Canada was at war when britian was at war, and peace
h.Resorting of the colonian government
i.Self governing since responsible government on internal matters
The limits of confederation
2.Theory vs. practice
a.Flexible on the ground
b.Wiggle room for running local affairs \
c.Example of war
i.Canada self government, Canada still can decide what or who to send
d.Negotiations effect Canadian interest britian sometimes have representitives
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