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mar 3

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HIS 263 mar.3
World war two: Social History
Soldiers, citizens and consumers
1.The soldiers story
a.Million Canadians served in the military in W.W 2
b.All white, all dressed in suits masks the motivations to enlist
c.Some wanted a job, end of depression
e.Not on relief, people already had jobs
f. Masculine experience
g.Desire for glory, masculine pride
h.Hitler had to be stopped, good war
i.Fight for freedom, democracy, security
j.Experiences land sea and air, European theater
k.Some in pacific, defense of Hong Kong
l.Smallest navy, grew 92k at peak
m.Not any one time, 1 million
i.Key role for navy, defend convoys of troops and supplies across north
ii.Conditions on ship is very poor
n.Air force
i.150k at peak
ii.Most RCAF patrol coastal border
iii.Escort and bomber over Europe
iv.Dangerous, rate of causalities is higher
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v.17k of members killed compared 23k for army,
vi.Army 2x size of air force
i.Garrison duty
ii.Concern for military, moral concern Canadian sitting, and local
iii.Local women, security issues, gossips to women, mouth close
iv.Health issues, viral, stds
v.Family formation often marry, war brides 48k, came back to Canada
vi.Court records, uncover same sex activity
1.Found units, degree of toleration
2.No one complained, good soldier
3.Left unit level, military justice
4.Court marshal, discharge, Canadian desperate, conscripts yet
discharge gays, some hid, some fought they were normal, some
sent to therapy
p.Canadian soldiers, Italy
i.Mountains, sicily,
ii.Easy to defend, hard to attack
iii.Small force delay Canadian advance and then retreat to another
iv.Mouse hole, house to house through walls
v.Northern Europe
q.War brides
r.Paul Jackson, one of the boys
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