HIS263Y1 Lecture Notes - Invisible Hand, Homo Economicus, Lesse

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Published on 17 Mar 2011
Durhams report
1. John George Lambton, lord durham
a.Report on the affairs of British north America
b.Conflict not on principles but of races
i.Lower Canadian rebellion
c.Lower Canada was two nations in a single state English/French
d.Two recommendations
i.Assimilation of the French Canadians absorbed by the majority
distinct characteristics eroded disappearing altogether dissolves the
old colonies of upper and lower Canada merges them into a single
province of Canada separate
1.Upper Canada Canada west and lower Canada east divided by
Ottawa river
2.Political changes that takes place of the union constitutional
document the treaty of union comes to effect in 1841
3.Dissolves separate legislatures and one colonial government
4.One seat one rival
5.Population Canada east 600k 450k French 150k English
6.Population west 400k same power
7.Outvote the French people
2.The union of the Canadas
a.Treaty of the Union Canada east and Canada west
3.Responsible government
a.Sydenham; bagul metalcalfe
b.Good government the people in power should be responsible the policies
introduce laws that the people like making the executive consul accountable
to legislative government keeps the other in check liberty and stability
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