Published on 17 Mar 2011
HIS 263 November 4, 2010
The transition to responsible government
1.From mercantilism to free trade
a.Repeal of the corn laws; Robert Peel
2.Achieving responsible government
a. Joseph Howe
b.Lord Eglin
c.Robert Baldwin; L. H. Lafontaine
3.Rebellion Losses Bill
4.Dismantle mercantilism system largely done away with
a.Businesses need to compete with the international market
5.Granting of responsible government signified by rebellion losses bill
a.Pay restitution to citizens damaged or destroyed in lower Canadian rebellion
c.Basic aims upsetting to Canada east English speaking minority
d.English speakers though rebels are traitors
6.Canada east power of French speakers
7.Annexation manifesto either been annex or absorbed from Canada east
8.Purge the manifesto from political office
9.Political deadlock
10.Choosing a capital
11.The fiery fifties
b.Clear grits George Brown
c.Rep. by population
12.Beginnings of political deadlock
a. John a. macdonald; G. E Cartier
13.Ottawa known as Bytown
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