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oct 7

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HIS 263 October 7, 2010
Seven years war: phase one:
oFort Duquesne; George Washington
oGuerilla warfare
British detbacks
oEdward braddock
The Acadians mi kmag
English fur traders settlers natives met
Population surpasses 1 million
Primogeniture male to the oldest son property
oMale dominanted system
oYoungest son go it alone
oNew France go out and find it your own
oPopulation expands younger sons search of new fertile land
oConflict to the French
Fur trade
oGovernor wants to secure the land
oFort duwuesne
George Washington clashes
Conflicts inconclusive
Evolved in a larger struggle
Several other European powers
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Known as the 7 years war
oTwo categories
oThe violence in north America 1754-1760
oLarger conflict 1756 1763
oEconomy weak France fur trade
oEarly stages of the war, French fair well north American dimension
oDue to 2 key reasons
Contrast to anglo American superior relations with native
Middle 18th century familiar guerilla warfare
Unconventional military, small surprise raids
oMilitary society with the 5 nations and European rivals in English
oAnglo society rely on british regulars, imported from britian well
trained but unfamiliar with north America
Edward braddock
oSeries of French forts in north America
oQualified failure
oFew successes but fails the big goal
oEnvolve attempts to take fort Duquesne
oLarge army 1k british regulars in 1755 to attack
oThey are ambushed smaller force aboriginals and French
oHuge causalties on the british killing braddock himself
Treaty utretch trading cards high stakes European redraw the borders
People affected are the arcadians
Result treaty fell to Britain new as british colony of nova scotia
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