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oct 14

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HIS 263 October 14, 2010
The Quebec act
British policy of appeasement
Quebec act
oExtends Quebecs boundaries, continuation of Catholicism, French civil law;
appointive legislative council
The intolerable acts
1774 captures spirit win the French over, cultivate achieve good relations with elites
oRoman catholic church
Four key points
o1. Land: territorial boundaries of Quebec greatly extended
o2. Religion: unclear how French can be absorbed
English protestant
Address the awkward
Roman Catholicism
Right of Catholic church tieing
o3. Law: French civil law continue to be practiced
British criminal law over shadows it
Seigneural system control the land do not own it
Controlled by seigneur
Feudal system
Contrasts with land tenure in British empire
oFree hold land tenure
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