17 Mar 2011
HIS 263 October 26, 2010
Lower Canada: Society, Politics and Economy to 1837
1.Economic challenges and change
a.Urban contest; rural change
b.Made worst by difference of language and religion
c.The urban context
i.Disparities in wealth
ii.Chateau clique
d.The rural context
i.Declining agricultural productivity
e.Most workers were unskilled and poor, half money on food
f. One quarter of working
g.Separate spheres ideology, public domain, politics and business was for men.
The domestic / private sphere is for women
h.Model for middle class people
i.Cholera ran rapid, severe dehydration in lower Canadian cities
j.1832 75k people killed outbreak contaminated water
k.Chateau clique a lot of time socializing the home of the government
l.3 reasons why degrades
i.Fields of lower Canada over cultivated for more than 150 years
exhaustion of soil
ii.French Canadians are conservative for their practices. They do not do
is crop rotation. Given plot of land one third for wheat, one third
potatoes, final third will be allowed to fallow dont grow anything,
period of season replenished shift things over.
iii.Burdens imposed on the average Canadian farmers, local seigneur
1.Served as land lord small peasant farmers habitant but dont
have legal ownership
2.Tithe a small segment of the wage that goes to the roman
catholic church
m.No choice to exploit the land as much as they can
n.Burdens had constantly worked to make a basic level of survival food enough
to feed themselves
o.1851 upper Canada twice productive as lower Canada
i.Farms were 4 times as valuable
p.Difficult to purchase more land
q.Chopping up plots of land by lower Canadian farmers
r.Chops Canada into 2
s.Changes the constitutional structure essence of the British constitution
2.Constitutional Conflict
a.Political tension: drift toward rebellion
b.Governor picks the members
c.Elite has veto laws
d.Selected representatives over taxation
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