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oct 28

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HIS 263 October 28, 2010
1.The lower Canadian rebellion
a.Atmosphere of conflict; the rebellion
b.Africa, north American, Europe Atlantic world
i.Atlantic not an obstacle, instead the ocean grand highway cross of
ii.Trade of ideas
iii.Revolution ideas dramatic change
iv.Age revolution late 18th to early 19th century
c.Lower and upper Canada think about in moments of the Atlantic world
d.Tension of lower Canada
i.Social, economic, political
e.Conservative faction a group of well connected close net Chateau clique
f. Papineua
i.Liked British rule gradual change but things got worst behave
ii.Gradual change was not going to cut it
iii.After 10 russel
iv.Radicalism trickles down
v. Important and influential
g.Violent clashes Doric club vs. fils de la liberte
h.Sons of liberty revolution framework imagery for American revolution for
i.Women play active role official stripped for the right to vote
i.Need property but they never had property
j.Ordinary people dissatisfaction strategies boycott goods
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