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HIS 263 Sept. 30 The Royal takeover and the clash of empires
Major themes
o1663 the royal takeover
Political and economic transformation of new france
oClash of empires
Anglo-French imperial rivalry
2 stages
1. 1689-113
This struggle would have important history of north America
The royal takeover
oLouis XIV sun king
o J.B Colbert
oAbsolute monarch
Effort desire to concentrate all authority hand of one individual
Absolute power
oI am the state
oDeath in 1715
oGrand approach symbolize philosophy
oEmbodies the grand state
oEvidence in his dress and conduct
oStrong believer in mercantilism
State control economy
Colonies like new France benefit for the mother country
Exploiting the colonies of raw materials
Creating a market for the colonies for finished products
oJ. B Colbert
Minister of the marine
Colonial minister
Transform new France
Turn it into a French Province
Export governmental structures, economic systems
From old France to new France
Finds expression manifest itself on the royal take over in 1663
Prior to this day 3 big characteristics
French encouraging settlement
Trade various natives like algonians
Missionary activity Jesuits penetrating communities saving
their souls Christianity
New france scattered
oUnder the umbrella of absolute French state
oHarmonized bound together the French empire
oKey characteristics pattern of governmental change
Impose on new france governmental structures of france itself
Top was sun king
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