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sept 21

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HIS 263 Sept.21
Narratives of Encounter: Early Aboriginal-European Interaction
oThings people pay attention to these nation states
Instead of nation of unit of analysis a shift to look at the Atlantic ocean
oThe central mechanism
oThis framework takes into account all 4 continents
oEurope, north and south America and Africa
oMetaphor urged historians not barrier
A highway allows for activity transatlantic activity
Networks of trade and commercial activity
Ideas, revolutionary from the enlightenment
oThe name is the Atlantic World
Known as the early modern period
oEarly exploration 1500s
oWitnesses emergence of the modern state
oLooking at early interactions circa 1500
oMaking sense of early Canadian history
Major themes
oViking age
oSpain, French, English Portuguese
oJacques Cartiers voyage

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Carve out sphere of influence legal and moral authority for French
empire in North America
9 12 century worlds principle powers in the seas
Sturdy shift much of north atlantic world
Small population
Fierce waging war skilled navy
1000 AD norsman life eirkiksson explore south of Greenland 35 people were people
had settled
oArrives attractive location mild climate dubbed Vinland
oWineland rich of plant life comparison to Greenland so cold
oArcheologists located north eastern tip of Newfoundland
o1960 archeologists thought to confirm north eastern Newfoundland around
1000 AD
oThe Norse frequent travels
oThe sought timber to build things and fuel interact with trade with natives
oUnclear debated which groups
oBeothuk, mikmaq
Driven to extinction
Little know about them
oMikmaq apart of this group
o2 linguistics groups alquonion
Base Greenland declined in 13-15 century Norse
Temporary change and cooling
Greenland difficult to sustain farming in Greenland
1450 Norse voyages to Vinland came to an end
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