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oct 5

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HIS 269 October 5, 2010
Major themes
oImperial rivalry
o1689 1713 the first round; treaty of Utrecht
Imperial supremacy
oImpacts native communities
The flowering of New France
oEconomic; social; acadias golden age
One sustain period of peace decade after 1713
oGrowth of population and economics
oAnglo French wars 2 distinct phases
2nd 1740s-1760
1st faces unfavorable odds in New France
Anglo American population larger of New France 20 25 times
New France was also poorer relied on the fur trade
Trails off in the 18th century
In contrast, anglo American cash crop, tobacco, sugar and cotton
o1701 important city, 5 nations in a truce, neutrality was against the French
oPosition of stalement
Continue occupy military force in the great lake region
oHudson bay
oSovereignty over Louisiana
New france suffers for diplomatic negotiations
First round 1713 treaty of Utrecht, end a European war
oEnd of the war of the Spanish succession
France makes some gains
oExchange for these gains, france was required to make concessions in north
1. France under the treaty of Utrech (exam question) france gives up
all the territory of Newfoundland but retain fishing rights
2. France gives up all territory surrounding Hudson bay
3. Renounce or give up their claim to arcadia (nova scotia, new
Brunswick, P.E.I, Maine
Unclear were arcadia territory
Scottish tried to make a colony of Nova Scotia but failed
Huge impact French speaking people living there since middle
17th c now controlled by English significant impact
Citizens didnt mean that all was lost of New France
The French retain Canada
oValley of the St. Lawrence river
Retain ile st. jean and ile royal, P.E.I and cape Breton island
Ile royale important
oFrench builds a fortress on the island
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