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oct 21

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HIS 269 October 21, 2010
1. Immigration
a.1815 1850 70k to 500k
b.Surge in transatlantic British migration
c.American immigration late loyalists cheap available land
d.Shift of migration after war 1812, British authority great lengths to
discourage American immigration
i.Felt weakening upper Canada ties to the wider British Empire
ii.Alien laws against Americans
1.Undergo naturalization: live in the colony of America for 7
years to get land and vote
e.2.5 million Britain leave their homes and go to North America
i.Majority would end up United States
ii.Large minority go to upper Canada, Nova Scotia
iii.1817-1837 more coming to Canada and settling
1.1815 year Napoleonic war ended
iv.Sustained economic downturn go to Canada to look for jobs
v.Land is scare in 1850 outcome of surge of people
f. Popular unrest, subsided transportation
g.Land grants low prices
h.Relax the laws regarding transatlantic migration
i.Private companies transfer people
ii.Relax the laws the amount of people and conditions on the ships
iii.Bad, coffin ships
iv.Voyage takes 6 weeks
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