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nov 30

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Major Themes
1.Resistance in the Maritimes
a.The Nova Scotia repeal movement
2.Resistance at the red river settlement
a.Louis Riel and the metis
3.Resistance in the Maritimes
a.Opposition onto confederation
b.Charles Tupper, Joseph Howe
c.Cancelation of reciprocity agreement
i.Mutual lowering of tariff
ii.1866 cancelled it United States and English relations deteriorated,
spite, practical level, moves toward protectionism power of the state to
apply taxes against the goods of foreign competitors unappealing to
American consumers
d.Little interest of conferation and nova scotia, nor interest for US
e.Defusing the repeal movement
f. Better terms
4.Three things, rep by pop, bigger entity, 3. Some point annexation of Canada of north
5.Population rises result of sustained british immigrant good land, became scarse
6.Demands of north west colony dominated political
a.Deal hammered out Canadian government, British government and Hudson
Bay Company all of Ruperts land vast and expansion territory bodies of
water flow into the land, 10 times as large as Canada obtained 1.5 million
dollars in 1869 hands on fertile land
b.Survey crew to go to Red River settlement, studying the lay of the land
c.Driven away from the Metis
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