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Sept 23

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Christanity, Commerce and the development of new France
SS 3059 Thursday 3-4 office hours
Major themes Jacques Cartier voyages
oInspiring power in north America for france
oThe economic dimension France in north America
oUmbrella grand vision Samuel Champlain
oInfluence merchantilism and the expression of it
oConsider these 2 themes the voyages and economic development
Centered around the fur trade
oEstablishes France as an Empire of New France
oIn that year navigates and the gulf of the St. Lawrence River
Encountered Mikamq natives
Indicated contact with Europeans before
Making lots of noise holding up furs on sticks for trade
Continued to travel westward into the St. Lawrence
Iroquoians people
In contrast to Mikamq peoples encountered further west
No interest in trade relations or any relations in that matter
oCaptures combination of curiosity and arrogance
oFueled interaction
oFrench kidnapped two sons of Iroquoians chief
oTaking back to France
oThe idea through the sons of the chief the French would to learn more
oPolitical and economic structures of natives

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oExploit them as guides
oKind of activity not unprecedented
oOften these captives would die takes a month
oPresented at the court of a king or queen European state
1. Provides evidence explorer succeeded in what they do
2. Aboriginal captives seen as exotic figures unfamiliar people
This reflects arrogance and curiosity
While in Europe the kingdom of the sagana
Rich empire lay to the west of the valley of the St. Lawrence in lake
Had gold and silver thats what natives say
Envy of the rich of Spanish exploration of Latin America from
Christopher Columbus
oDesire for economic growth French seduced by the riches
Not great quantities of precious metals
Referring to deposits of copper precious metal
Also new wet the appetite of the French likely to see their homes again calculating
1535 after sons kidnapped
Crosses the atlantic sails up the St. Lawrence river
The natural flow is outward to the atlantic
Want to go inland sailing upstream
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