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Jan 20

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The age of reform
1. Ida whipple
2.3 different reform idea
a.Settlement houses
b.The city and public health
c.Legislating morality
3.Settlement houses
a.Problem with immigrant life in the city
b. Idea of a settlement house hull house Chicago
c.All peoples mission Winnipeg
d.J.S Woodsworth
i.Methodist minister
ii.United church
iii.Founded in 1898
4.4 basic functions
a. Immigrant A
i. Involves basic charity
ii.Free clothes, food, furniture
b.Social work
i. Immigrant homes
ii.Hooking up with other agencies
iii.Semi helpful, intrusive things
iv.Provide recreational services
v.Gymnasim, French air counts
vi.Going back to nature regenerative

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The age of reform 1. Ida whipple 2. 3 different reform idea a. Settlement houses b. The city and public health c. Legislating morality 3. Settlement houses a. Problem with immigrant life in the city b. Idea of a settlement house hull house Chicago c. All peoples mission Winnipeg d. J.S Woodsworth i. Methodist minister ii. United church iii. Founded in 1898 4. 4 basic
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