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nov 11

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The Great Unraveling HIS 263 November 11, 2010
The Fiery Fifties
2.Clear grits; George Brown
3.Representation by population
Beginnings of political deadlock
1. John A. Macdonald; G.E Cartier
a.More change more evolution development
b.Transatlantic migration more people should need more representation
c.Canada east and west had equal
d.Cartier Canada east
Religious developments
2.Clergy reserves
a.Anglicans (Church of England); Methodists
b.Constitutional act east and west
c.Legally establishment in England
d.Unfair larger religions
e.Secularized money from the lands would be channeled and dispersed
elsewhere for public education 1854
f. Atmosphere conflict replaced by largely coherent culture 4 key issues
i. Include temperance, no drinking, human beings are eye of gods,
disservice for loss of rationale
ii.Sabbath, goes on church on Sunday
3.Emergence of a Protestant Culture
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