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9 Apr 2011

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September 30, 2010
HIS 263
The Royal Takeover and the Clash of Empires
1.)The Royal Takeover, 1663
Political and economic transformation of New France
1661-Louis XIVSun King”
oAbsolutist monarch-i.e. desire to concentrate all authority in the hands of one
individual to exert absolute power
oLetat ces moi- I am the state
oDied 1715
oApproach would have important implications for the development of New France
oStrong believer in the economic philosophy of mercantilism-state control of the
Jean Baptiste Colbert- Minister of the Marine-Louis XIVs right hand man
oSought to transform New France into a French province
oObjectives: 1.) French imperial authorities were interested in promoting settlement
2.) wanted to participate in commercial activity 3.) missionary activity-religious
orders were interested in transforming indigenous communities in hopes of saving
their souls
oHad the desire to consolidate the French Empire
oPattern of governmental change-impose on New France the political systems of
France itself
At the top of this structure was Louis XIV and the key ideological
justification that allowed him to occupy the position was the Divine Right
of Kings-notion that political power stems from God himself
Beneath the chain of command is Colbert
Louis XIV and Colbert were removed from authority on a day-to-day basis
Governor-military officer and someone of noble birth (top of the colonial hierarchy)
oSupreme authority within New France
oResponsible for military and diplomatic affairs
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