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Jan 11

by OC7

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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From Crisis to tente
The Aftermath of the Crisis
- June 1963: hotline
- long term consequences: Moscow deeply humiliated by the lost
- Russia:
- µu]}v}(µ(}^(µo}-Æ]v_
- rechannel of resources and build own strategic weapons
- Kennedy: admitted and initiated closer relationship to Soviet Union
- he sent oldest administrator/diplomat t Averell Harriman t Roosevelt to Stalin
- to establish close link between two states
- any issue that come up t resolve through negotiation instead of sneaking in weapons
- this initiated the détente
- Bikini Island Test
- islands gone
- }v^Po_]ovo(
- civilians hurt
- ^d}u_~íõòí
- created a crater that can be seen from space
- 50 megatonnes t what could prevent US from creating it? Thus, both sides never end.
- both sides have to come to an agreement to, at least, limit the testing of the bomb
- August 1963: both sides agreed to sign a test ban treaty t nuclear testing limited
- UK-US-Soviet Union signed
- France refused to sign t France in the progress of developing their nuclear technology
- China still developing their nuclear weapons t signing would mean limiting their testing
- reduce tensions between US and Soviet Union
- US agree to sell grain to the USSR t first sign/step
- 5 powers discriminated other states
- China supported Pakistan, so India must have nuclear weapons
- 1968: more meaningful dialogue in attempt to limit nuclear power/weapons
- denied food and cut standard of living in Soviet Union to build up nuclear strength
- 1969: USSR reached nuclear parity with US
- US did not care if USSR had more weapons if they could not deliver it or defend American
- détente did not stop here
- Feb 1962: Nixon, one of the most right-wing/anti-Communist, visited China and signed a deal
- huge breakthrough
- caught Russians off guard
- when they were condemned by Russia, Mao initiated Cultural Revolution t which
underestimated China
- for a year, the outside world did not know what China was up to
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