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30 Mar 2012
Lecture 1: 09/14/10
What forces shape international relations? (Long term and short term consequences)
is the theme of HIS344
a) Document analysis: detect the bias, theme, message, consequences, etc.
b) Book Review: introduce new concepts and ideas (nuances)
c) Essay 2: choose a major issue—not a minor issue
d) Exam: 3 parts—1st part is general, 2nd and 3rd parts are specific to 1st and 2nd
We will be looking at the emergence of international institutions (after the 2nd world
war) and their impact on the international world order, economic development and
Economic developments in Europe after WWII, economic miracles (their root causes)
and its influence on international relations
The emergence of a bipolar world order (a nuance): Russia and the United States
- New ideological, political powers, international relations
- What does it mean to IR (short-term, long-term)
- Cold War emergence—cast a shadow on IR for 40 years
- American foreign policy shaped by
oThe ability to destroy the world with weapons
oIn 20-30 minutes, each power could have destroyed the entire planet
Cold War: genesis (how it started, how it turned out)
- Russian and American fears shape foreign policy
- Marshall Plan
- Important because it affected policies all over the world, and culture (1980
Olympic boycott)
- Nuclear Arms Race
The rise of China modern international relations
Rogue nations, failed states
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