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April 5th

by OC7

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Quo Vadis IR?
- Paris Peace Treaty did not work out
- the result
- Wilsons idea to create a world organization was not a bad idea, but given
the worlds troubles all over Europe made it impossible for it to work
- USA pulled out
- Germany as a defeated nation
- potentially one of the strongest state in Europe
- added to problems
- Britain and France had own interests pursuing their own world empire
- holding onto their empire
- made it doomed from the beginning
- the Atlantic Charter and the UNs aim could never be fulfilled
- instead of working together
- the two primary states of the grand alliance, the US and the Soviet Union,
fell apart and ended up in a conflict between each other
- no less than 45 years of competition
- they fought for superiority
- who was to be blamed for the Cold War?
- what factors made it such an issue to last for almost half a century almost
impossible to work together
- to create a stable world system where cooperation would be main slogan
instead of conflict
- ideological divide the Soviet Union and the US were different economic/political
- this fact alone made each other suspicious of each other
- allowed each other to misinterpret the actions of the other
- the more misinterpretation, more reluctant to work with each other
- neither side would admit they contributed to the Cold War
- both sides contributed greatly equally true, both sides are less innocent in
the conflict and both sides are not victims were willing participants
- Bloc Consolidation
- East and West added huge deal to the conflict perception to each other that they
wanted to control the entire continent or at least their parts under military
- growing rivalry and division of decolonization
- Great Powers could not hold onto their empires
- the UN rejected such empires
- Britain and France signatures of it not justifiable for them to be security
council members yet hold onto their empires
- nationalist movements started all over the world, esp. the Third World
where Britain and France had colonies
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