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Session #3 - The Ancient Mediterranean World and ECE

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Piotr Wrobel

Ancient Times Pre-History • 40 000 years ago homo sapiens enter Europe, enter "battle" with Neanderthals for survival • 12 000 years ago glacier starts to retreat and the European landscape changes • 6 000 years ago - Beginning of Agriculture, Neolithic period o Cereal culture o Europe was able to flourish during this period because they had seas that were easy to cross, more animals for domestication (6 large animals versus North America only having 2) • Bronze Age - Tools become more efficient o 1621 BC - Eruption of Minoan volcano • Iron Age - Slavic people probably emerged o Between Baltic & Black sea, gap/corridor for war times. Mixing of cultures & people o e.g. Scyths introduced new culture • 900 BC - New Greek civilization begins o 300 BC Macedonia empire, Alexander the Great o Greeks settled in the East, influence still present • 600 BC - Germanic tribes migrate South for winter (e.g. Ostrogoths in the Ukraine) Roman Empire • Controlled much of Europe, Northern Africa and Asia o Romanization - Culture and people o Alexandria - Important city, culture centre • Northern border of the empire you can see the contrast in cultures outside of the Roman Empire, but can also see how the
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