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Session #4 - Dark Ages or Grand Transformation

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Piotr Wrobel

September 20 , 2012 “DARK AGES” OR GRAND TRANSFORMATION Rome’s Successor States and the “Barbarians” of East Central Europe Between Byzantium and the West  North of Europe – new people appear called the Slavs  States should include a fiscal apparatus but this was not often the case with most early Slavic states  500 AD – crossed the Danube and entered the Byzantine Empire  Agricultural society, developing quite slowly with a pagan religion – divided into clans and these were organized into little tribes  East Central Europe was a corridor to Western Europe – the Avars came to central Europe  The Bulgars came from far eastern Europe, moving to modern day Bulgaria  The Khazars were of Turkish origin and came to Central Europe, establishing a large state in the 7 century – including Kiev  The Byzantine Empire, fighting for recreation of the Roman Empire used diplomacy, ideology, and religion  The Greeks send messengers to the Khazar Empire to arrange an alliance – this is how the Khazars adopted Christianity  Khazar ruler did not want to accept Islam because then his empire would fall under Arab influence and he was afraid of Christianity because he did not want them to send missionaries, so he converted to Judaism  In the 10 century, Kievan Rus’ destroyed Khazaria but not the Jews of that region – Jews left and went to Central Europe (not of Hebrew but of Khazar origin)  Slavic colonized the Balkan peninsula but the nomads kept coming – the Avars tried to attack the Byzantine Empire ~ They did not survive however, as they landed between the Frankish Empire and the Bulgar Empire  Frankish leader took Gallia, mixing with a Celtic, partially Roman population – this was the beginning of France  Charlemagne managed to create the Frankish Empire – the Franks almost recreated the Roman Empire in the West ~ Empire based on land (donations to the aristocracy) – feudalism (beginning the 7 or 8 century)  Frankish Empire influenced Central European territories  The Avars were destroyed by the Franks  The first Slavic states appeared th  East Central Europe in the 8 century  In the 7 century, there was a Slavic rebellion against the Avars and the fist Slavic state was established (Samos States) Sep
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