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Session #6 - Christianisation of ECE

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Piotr Wrobel

September 27 , 2012 RELIGION Christianity  300 AD – the Roman Empire accepted Christianity as the state religion, the Church built its own administration  By the end of the empire, there were two networks: the state network and the Christian episcopal network ~ The Church was not destroyed along with the empire and the invading Barbarians accepted Christianity ~ Aryan heresy ~ The Goths were Christians already when they invaded and so it was easier for them to assimilate  The ecclesiastical organization was not destroyed and became a basis for new Europe – culturally, state organization (ancient knowledge transferred to barbarians)  God with four faces (Slavic god) etc. were pagan gods linked to tribal societies  By the end of the 10 c. – most states had become Christian  Christianity organization had a common language – Latin (language of intellectuals, elite)  Latin became a basis for local linguistic reforms  Identity – up to the 18 c. national identity did not exist; Christian identity was more important at the time  “Natio” – appeared in the medieval era when students were grouped together  Christianity identity was very important as borders and rulers were constantly changing  Organization of Christianity was very complex – bishoprics, monasteries, parishes etc.  First bishopric organized East of the Elbe (border of Slavic world in the middle ages) was in Hamburg  The Saxons crossed the Elbe and colonized the Slavs  968 – bishopric in Magdeburg was organized, planned as a general missionary bishopric for Slavs ~ German clergy would be responsible for spreading Christianity to the East  It was difficult to accept Christianity at the proper time – at times it was too early (Olga in Kievan Rus’)  If you did not accept it in time however, you were colonized  Slavs in Pomerania etc. refused to accept Christianity and their states were crushed (survived until 1168)  First state to accept Christianity was the Roman Empire, but the second was Armenia, then Georgia (slightly different from Russian Orthodox)  First state in ECE to accept Christianity was Poland (as Moravia) September 27 , 2012  Bohemia was a remnant of Moravia but in Latin right – first state to accept Chiristianity  966 – Poland accepts Christianity  Germanic states, Poland and Bohemia were fighting over territories – the Polish ruler came to the conclusion that Poland needed allies ~ An alliance was formed between Poland and Bohemia against the Slavic and Germanic tribes to take regions along the
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