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Lecture Notes for the Meaning of the Silk Roads

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Carol Chin

The Meaning of the Silk roads Not just a single road but a network of roads comes from a German word the name has an exotic outlook as it covers a variety of topography mountains valleys deserts except dense rainforestGeography in the silk roads KashgarSamarkand cities which developed to their locations near an oasis first became trade posts then citiesTwo types of camels 1 2 humps good for winter 2 Arabian camel 1 hump suited for deserthybrid strong perfectly suited for silk roadsThe roads were built by empires for multiple purposes such as for military transportation but then monks and merchants were the middle men who travelled along it The Rome and Han empire had almost no direct contact the city of Palmyra connected Rome to the silk roads Nomads allowed trade to come about as they were accustomed to travelling builtup immunity spoke various languages good warriors as they learnt to defend themselves Best things to trade were light things that had a high value such as silk and NOT GRAIN East to West silk Chinese first to perfect it became so popular that it was a common commodity It had great strengthkept cool during summertimeuse for armour It was traded with nomads outside borders to keep peace Also traded ironwearpeppers West to East gold manufactured goods and olive oil Central Asia traded in both directions traded mostly warfare techniques stirrup better to ride horsesRisk of the Turks Return of tribal strife gave opportunity to leaders who wanted to forge new coalitions such as Bumin in Mongolia who emerged as the Khan the turkish word for lord used for rulers of the nomad empires of the central Eursian steppes of the Heavenly Turks Technolohy played huge role in Turks rise to prominence with innovations such as stirrups which improved horseriding archers shooting chancesin armourdeadly force A strong empire reemerged in China and the Turks lacked effective leadership to counter itA Turkic Khanate
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