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Piotr Wr�bel

Note- most of the terms are probably misspelled Session 4 Slavic people appeared suddenly in central and northern Europe. Possibly, the Slavic tribes just grew very quickly. Ptolemy called the Carpathian Mountains the "mountains of the slavs" Slavic tribes were agricultural, had clans, and not so sophisticated pagan religion. Spread in all directions. During the 6th Century (Muslim State) Avar Khanate passed through ECE 651 Byzantine tries to reestablish roman empire. The west (Franks) built states on former Rome. Khazar Khanate established large state through diplomacy and religion during the 7th Century, Byzantine is threatened. Khazar learned Christianity from Byzantines Kiev and Russe destroyed Khazaria in 10th Century Jews dispersed to Central Europe. = Slavic invasion of ECE. Great ruler in Frankish kingdom, Charlemagne. Franks *almost* recreated the Roman Empire. Feudalism introduced. This gap between peasants and their lords still affects their descendants today 737 ad, Islam was huge. Bulgaria bordered Frankish empire at one point. First Slavic States appeared Early 7th C Slavic rebellion against Avars Samo established first Samos (Slavic) state. Wiki: Samo (died 658) was a Frankish merchant from the "Senonian country" (Senonago), probably modern Soignies, Belgium or Sens, France.[1] He was the first ruler of the Slavs (623–658) whose name is known, and established one of the earliest Slav states, a supra- tribal union usually called (King) Samo's empire, realm, kingdom, or tribal union. Bulgars initially didn’t mix with Slavic people; they are from a Turkish background. Bulgaria is the next state to appear. Croats took Christianity from the west, and Serbs took it from the east. Great Moravia Very successful Learned from its neighbors 1st developed Slavic state 7th - 9th Century. Great Moravia initially pagan. Mid-9th Century, 860s, Moravian prince realized they had to switch to a more sophisticated religion... Sent for missionaries from the Byzantine Empire, Cyril & Methodius (monks). Cyril = Cyrillic alphabet. Couldn’t use Greek or Latin to introduce religion. Year 900 the ethnic group Magyars invaded Hungary Avars btw disappeared and assimilated. Bohemia is made up of remnants of Moravia. Franks divided into 3 parts, then two: Germany and France. The principality of Russe wasn’t “Russia”, technically. Kiev, Novgorod- capitals of Russe Russe changed by the Mongols. Prussians, Fins and other northern tribes were all culturally young. See map of Europe in AD1000- established kingdoms have very similar borders to today. Days of Moravia were more “tribe”ish. Polanie – tribe of pre-po
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