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Carol Chin

HIS102 Tuesday December 4, 2012 Global Encounters and Exchanges: the halfway point I. Intro: 1500—the world gets smaller and larger II. What is globalization? III. Globalization in history IV. Conclusion: the globalizing world after 1500 I. Smaller—due to technology of travel-bigger and faster ships, making multiple trips. Shortened travel distance and time. Bigger—the two halves of the world are now aware of one another Trade routes II. Globalization “the process of transformation of local phenomena into global ones…a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and function together.” Peter N. Sterns, Globalization in World History (2009), p.1 Examples of globalization today - Outsourcing - English Language—remnant of British empire/colonialism - Interconnection, interdependence. Eg economic ties, neoliberalism, subprime mortgages, economic power of China - UN - Global mobility for jobs and for people - Exchange of knowledge, technology eg. Farming machinery, military - Multinational corporations, McDonalds - Americanization/uniformity of cultures, Gangnam - Job specialization - International relations=multipolarity - Arab Spring—social media, Twitter - UN organizations, UNICEF, global standards - Resistance to globalization - Adoption, spread of political culture III. Another definition “the historical transformation[produced by]…the active dissemination of practices, values, technology and other human products throughout the globe” M. Albrow, the Global Age (1996) p.88 [produced by] linkage word in square bracket Examples of globalization from the class so far(before 1500? Categories to think about: - Empires - Religion and culture - Technology and knowledge - Trade and commerce Empires - Rome—ex of globalization, unified territory=unified culture - Tang - Carthage - Chinese world order, spheres of influence, spreading culture, ideas - King Ashoka, Buddhist monuments - Roma, romanitas - Spread of culture through expansion - Alexande
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