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Robert Bothwell

LECTURE 3 - Historian daid Hackett fisher has a very romanticized view of the French approach - It is no denial that the relationship between French americans and the native americans were better than those of the English citizens but probably because o Two examples, 1670’s new England which had grown colonies and they were self sustained and had begun to operate in atlantic shipping trade which was quite wealthy o The early English conolists tried quite seriously to try to get along with the native americans in the area with the idea that they would convert them to Christianity and teach them the culture and ways of the English, and indeed there was a fair amount of conversion during this period but but while this was going the European side of the colony was growing in numbers while the native side was declining o And eventually in the 1670s the natives of new England decided that it is now or never, the European colonists had grown so large and powerful that they needed to be stoped before they all became enslaved o The basic focus of conflict was in the area of the law  Does the native law apply to the European settlers and if they do then the settlers have the right to put a native to the stand o In 1664 a native leader in massachuttus who is known today as king phillip, they tried very hard to get along with the settlers but eventually king Philip gave up o He organized a confiderency of the trbe in new England to attack … o This is important because it creates a mental cultural memorable image of native european interaction including , burning , torture, barbarism, kidnapping etc. and this image remains for the next 200 years - This narrative of native cruelty and barbarity is an important aspect of the relationship between Europeans and native americans - The English in new England mobilized, they did have resources and numbers, and military leadership and eventually got the upped hand in king Phillips war - This war was a template/model for native European interaction with the English and it is arguable that this goes on into the indian wars of the 1860s – 1880s - The French are a lot fewer than the English they aren’t able to defend themselves from the natives that surround them, from a very early age the French have been involved in native diplomacy they were an instrument of native diplomacy - The hurons were an organized factor in north America and also an ally of the French - Longhouse – characteristic dwelling of the iroquions - The people of the longhouse surround new French and there seem to be nothing the French colonists can do against them, in the face of the iroquions war Louis 14 assumes the control of new france, which became a royal province - New france was a fringe province and the king was now committed to its defence and they went to war with the iruqoius - New france is an endless drain on the resources of the French o This is a key factor to a colony, a colony is a place that has to be sustained and in a very true sense a dependency o Colonies that depend so heavily onother countries are not looking for independence - The French were very lucky to emigrate – the largest number of French people to leave france ( out of 21 million) Louis who is catholic decided to in 1685 change the law of france which he can do because he is an absolute monarch, he withdrew toleration from the hugenots and prosecuted them which is what led them to flea france o The largest number of people to leave france were hugenots o They left for Holland, Scotland, Germany - What Louis really did was he sent his most prosperous subjects to the enemy, louis did this to terrorize the protestants and they most definitely got the message - Charles II knew his protestant subjects were afraid of the catholics, so he was careful not to offend them too much - The atmosphere in Europe is dangerous because of the catholic vs protestant tension - James who depends on Louis to send him money also hoped he would get troops as well,
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