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Robert Bothwell

HIS311-LECTURE 2 - the first immigrants arrived in the Americas approx. 40 thousand years ago, as the sheets of ice melted around 1492 the American continents were pretty populated as immigrants continued to travel north - north of mexico societies tend to be less elaborate , they left behind rather improbable monuments - although china was a highliy evolved civilization It did not in any serious way perverse the pacific o because of technology, they also had high navigation skills making it possible to travel long distances o the north land was rich in fish which was a staple in the European diet - the kings of spain, catholic kings who sent Christopher Columbus in 1492 who traveled with very good navigation skills and an imperfect knowledge of where he was going - when he arrived in the bahammas he thought he reached the outskirts of india and sometime later Europeans realized the world was much larger than they had thought it to be - empires were prominent to Europeans (roman empires) - euroope during the middle ages ahad a great deal of experience with expansion and settlement mostly on the eastern front and this would take them and their Christianity towards Russia and Lithuania - there was the 700 years war in spain which would eventually result in the last muslim kingdom in spain - this all provides models as how you would procede and occupy land - the Europeans believed they had a right to occupy the land and christini
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