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lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Bothwell

LECTURE 5 – September 25, 2012 - 7 years war 1756-63 o a war where in retrospect couldn’t have happened any other way o the years leading up to the war were so tense that it would have to take an absolute genius to change the outcome of the war o while the war was going on it seemed it could go the other at several points o acadia and the ohio valley, there was an un certain border between the british proivince of minnosota and the province of acadia while in the ohio valley there was a lose governance by vassels of the iriqouis who had spread there area of control however they were not actually strong enough to rule an entire empire o the provinces had charters that gave them control over land all the way to the pacific (ex. Virgina charter) th o during the 18 century there is an increasing flow of immigrants into the british provinces (cvirgina) so the population of the brithish provinces is increasing creating a market and the temptations are rising and everyone wanted a piece of the action o the governer of virgina is closely involved with the virgina elite and they are looking for ways to increase their inadequate cash flow and they decide to send an agent across the mountain , the agent is a young 21 year old named George Washington o the French tell George Washington that the property he is trespassing on French property and let him get off the hook assuming he meant no harm o George is sent back with british troops now aged 22 anf murdered their commander and he was captured by the French who made him sign a confessionary of war crimes and then sent him back o France believed that they needed to build colonies to gain more power and in 1753 they sent an expedition of troops to set up forts along the ohio towards st Louis this is establishing a real French presence for the first time along what the French claimed to be the real French border against british colonies o The French were talking a lot and trying to sound like a superior force to be reckoned with however they were not as strong as they sought out to be o The british are looking ahead and they establish a brand new colony kn
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