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Lecture 8

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Robert Bothwell

LECTURE 8 – OCT 4 2012 War of 1812 - subset of the great war that was between great britiain and france and took place in three phases o revolutionary war period and an effet of the French revolution 1793-1802 o Napoleonic wars 1803-1814  The british way of making war was to have a set of alliances with other European powers and these allies would provide the army mussle in terms of confronting the French the british maintained naval supreamacy the Europeans then did the land battles, the british also provided money which is significant because the it increased to a remarkable amount  The british economy is growing so fast that they are able to very largely finance the war and aslo beause the administration is growing more and more complicated because the british are the first to implement and income tax – this is now a state that increasingly resembles moderm day states  Throughout the whole period britian has an economic advantage over france  The organization of the French government has also imporoved  During this period 800, 000 are in the armed forces therefore now there is a war effort th that is comparable of the wars of the 20 century  Relatively speaking the American population and government is growing and become more and more organized under George Washington and the treasurer alexander Washington, his time as president is significant because he had no oppisiton when he was being eected  They are divided on the war of the French revolution (the federalists and republicans) – the british did try to eliminate the most obvious areas where there was contension between the us and the british  Thomas Jefferson had never forgotten the revolution, and for him war never ended and it would not end until the british were chased out the continent, he was well awakre that his country was scattered along the atlandtic sea board and that settlemet had gone far into the interior of America  Jefferson during 1802-1803 (when napoleon decided he would reclaim frances american empire, he went first for Louisiana and he saw this as a new means of entering the Americas, the second place he went after was Haiti which had faought for independence already, an army was sent there and it turned into a complete catostrophie because the french could not win over the hatians because of two reasons  Yellow fever  Military defeat  It was no longer possible for napoleon to occupy Louisiana or to do with anything with it so he sells it to the united states, and this doubles the size of the united states and makes it a great continental state and the battles between the French and british resume  This lousinaa purchase of 1803 is a monumnatal thing forjefferson , who saw napoleon as an instrument of destiny therefore he kept hoping that napoleon would be able to defeat the british
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