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Lecture 7

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Robert Bothwell

LECUTRE 7 – OCT 2 2012 - the biritsh commander and governer has been criticized for not pursing the American army more vigoursly he was a reasonably good goverener but he was like other british generals, and was slow om the uptakes - one army would go up the Hudson, one would attack in the middle along the Mohawk river and the third would attack up north. - Sir William however did not obey the plan and took the british army to philly and when they decended from quebec the americans were able to focus all their armies on the british army and force them to surrender - The third army going along the Mohawk river was successful unlike the other two, this meant victory and occupancy in philly and the british brought entertainment to the city but in the spring of 1778 they were forced to withdraw and thousands of loyalists went with them - The really important consequence of these military faiuliress was when france declared war on great Britain – the king was advised that any demunition … - Relations between the two bourbon powers and great Britain had always been bad and so they were delighted to be able to attack the british at a time of disadvantage - The French and Spanish had navies and the british did not and they were able to challenge the british not on American ocean borders but around great britiain itself - The French sent an army to America and they anticipated enthusiastically in the American campaign - The british suffered another defeat in the south which they sent an army there to south Carolina and Georgia was restored and they went to south virginai were they were cut off by American troops and forced to surrender at yorktown - 1782 the war effectively ends this year between the british and the amerians and the british now prepare for peace - the war in the south, the southern provinces were heavilty dependednt on slave labour and the bulk of the economy was the slaves and as part of their war against the rebels the british proclaimed any slaves that could escape to the bitish lines would be freed and this was an economic measure against the rebells and proves to be very effective - there are a large number of black slaves who join the british army and there was already a beginning of a movement to abolish slavery and the british desire to use the slaves as a counter in the war coincides with the idea that slavery was an evil that needed to be abolished - if the british had won the revolution then all the troubles that had subsequently occurred in the us would have occurred in the context of the british empire - the treaty of peace o negotiatied in paris o the united states, france and spain ; the british strategy was to divide the americans from the French and Spanish and they had some success in doing so o the government of 1782 did not dare give the americans everything they wanted meaning withdrawing from places like nova scotia and quebec o the british gave the americans very favoruable frontiers, and boundries that are now reflected in the boundries of Canada they were unmoveable on one issue and that
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