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Monday, May 30, 2011 HIS311Y1 Prof. C. Pennington Lecture 4 - MacDonalds National Policy Confederation 1864-67 Previous lecture: Charlottetown and Quebec Fenian Raids of 1866 British North American Act: assumed that foreign policy was a federal matter neither level (federal nor colonial) was assigned foreign policy as it was assumed that Britain would do it presumed that Canada needed to be only an independent colony - but still a colony new nationality - Cartiers phrase Canadians would rise above their existing differences would establish something that was better than that didnt happen: new nationality was still abstract, vague Canada and the North Atlantic Triangle the British empire by the late 19th century 25% of the worlds land mass and population was in British hands the sun never sets on the British empire white mans burden a.k.a. the white dominion South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland were the others why was it so grand? they had a hold on economics everyone was after grandeur BUT they were after Anglo-Saxon dominion it was part of the belief of English Canada in themselves they thought they had an obligation to make the rest of the world as superior splendid isolation it had no alliances - there was no need diplomatically Britain existed as a state of splendid isolation only had itself to fall back on The US had a long-standing position of foreign policy isolationism stayed out of foreign affairs and alliances thought it was better for the US to build itself from within - to govern North American manifest destiny
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