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Monday, June 6, 2011 HIS311Y1 Prof. C. Pennington Borden, Canada, and the First World War 1911-1921 period in question is the period of Conservative politics in Canada 1914-18 WWI there is no reassurance that WWI was worth it it was a traditional clash of empires who were making decisions about expanding their empires Canada participated bc it was a colony of Britain not any more noble - still an empire suppressing and exploiting others any notion that it was fought for democracy is false what was it all for? what was achieved? country rises to world stage Canadian soldiers fight & have significant victories in battle field Sir Robert Borden (1854-1937) Intelligent, plodding NS lawyer defeated Laurier in 1911 MacDonald and Laurier were different superficially style and oratory skill - Laurier had them both pure politicians: they lived for the struggle enjoyed all aspects of management Border did not like politics: it was not his nature a lawyer by trade - one of the best; wealthy and prominent went into politics as public duty: to give back since he was lucky in life did not inspire: competent but did not seem to have much flarecharisma like those before him was thought to be a handsome and athletic figure was imposing Conservative party leader, 1901-20 party was not regarded as top notch people Prime Minister of Canada 1911-20 Bordens view of the Empire Nationalist and Imperialist Laurier would praise empire as long as Canadians could be autonomous and participate only in affairs of its choosing and in the capacity they see fit call us to your councils Laurier said this to really mean dont call us... Borden was willing to go further than Laurier he thought of himself as a British subject believed in great civilizing project of the empire: to bring British civility and democracy to the world he wanted to be in the British council making decisions Loring Christie
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