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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 HIS311Y Prof. C. Pennington Borden Canada and WWI - Part II Canadian troops returning from the Battle of the Somme 1916 Borden always stated that the troops sacrifice and performance forced Britain to acknowledge the colonies and grant them greater rights Canada was the largest colony (within the dominion) to have the most troops killed Borden felt very attached to the troops If they were going to be making these sacrifices, Borden would get as much as he could for Canada when Canadians were overseas and went under British command they got to see British operations they werent impressed tactics were incompetent, unimaginable and wasteful this became a sore point between Borden and the British empire Borden did not see the British government doing much to save lives 1921: Arthur Meighen PM succeeds Borden in 1920 Other Canadian Involvement Canadians mostly served on the western front ~425 000 actually were in combat there were a significant number in other military posts: railway building companies forestry companies medical core some at sea and in the air - although navy was very limited The Royal Air Force - collection of different parts of British armed forces then came together in 1918 courageous and extremely dangerous fighting 22 000 Canadians served in the RAF most glorious of all soldiers planes went down often - no parachute e.g. 1st fighters had no guns attached to wings they had to fly up and try to shoot enemy wtheir own gun planes had a limited role - used for strafing (firing machine guns), recon work most famous Canadian pilot - Billy Bishop: shot down 72 planes 10 out of 27 top aces were Canadians Halifax explosion 1917 the only time war came to homeland two ships collided in Halifax harbor (biggest British naval base) one was a munition ship flattened the harbor wthe explosion 2 000 killed instantly 10 000 wounded - many blinded by flying glass incident was considered to be the largest man-made explosion until Hiroshima The Cost of the war
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